Saturday, August 24, 2013

All Hail the Handyman

Last night, Hugh fixed my refrigerator and my oven. The tire pressure sensor on my car has been replaced and I am no longer being driven to distraction by the blinking of a warning light on my dashboard.

The Man-Cub is currently dressed out and standing on the sidelines at his first high school football scrimmage.

The Teenager has agreed to pose for yet another attempt at senior pictures, and, because I love her best friend (and his mother); I have agreed to take some pictures of him as well. So, both teenagers will be gracing me with their good looks later this evening, assuming the weather holds.

Last night, I spent four or five hours scrapbooking. I am currently only three years behind on each of the children's scrapbooks. But! Prior to last night, I was four years behind on the Man-Cub's, so, progress.

And, I have an entire weekend to work on the books. And to clean my house, which, let's be honest, has suffered from my inattention for far to long.

I also have time to harvest the garden, which, like the housework, has been sorely neglected. Truth be told, I'm slightly afraid to go in there. But! Whatever I find in the garden will have a home in the fridge, because, as I said earlier; Hugh fixed the problem.

Life is good.

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