Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Law of Three

While we were in Mayberry for Stampede, my car began to display a low tire pressure warning for the right rear tire, yet, when I checked the tire pressure with my trusty tire pressure checker thingie, it indicated a full tire. So, I ignored the warning display. As one does.

When we got back to Petticoat Junction, I took the car into the service station to have the pressure checked yet again. The techs indicated that it was fine but took the tire off to check it just to be sure. They then re-set the sensor and I was on my way.

I made it an entire block before the warning message began ominously blinking at me yet again. Needless to say; I am having the sensor replaced. Cost: $100 with parts and labor.

Then, the day before yesterday, Hugh noticed that our side-by-side was no longer producing ice. He fiddled with it for a bit, determined that he needed to order a part, and, went to bed. Yesterday, we awoke to a leaking fridge that was no longer freezing on the freezer side or cooling on the fridge side. So, Hugh tore it apart, watched a few repair videos online, determined that he needed another new part (or 3), and ordered them. They should arrive today and I hope to have a fridge again by tonight. Cost: $200 for parts; I don't even want to guess at what Hugh will charge me for labor.

While he was working on the fridge, it occurred to him that I had mentioned that the broiler in one of my ovens was no longer heating up, so; he decided to pull the oven apart to troubleshoot it as well. He determined that we need some mother board or whatever the hell constitutes the brain of the oven and off he went to order it online. Cost: $50.

I am so over appliances.

On the bright side, if celebrities always die in threes, can we assume that appliances do as well? If so, I should be set for a while, at least.

Le sigh.

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