Monday, August 19, 2013

The Last Hurrah of Summer 2013

After last week's disappointing volleyball fiasco, I needed something to make me feel a little less.... stabby. Luckily, I already had plans to fly to Phoenix on Thursday to see The Girls and to attend a concert, so, I was fairly confident that I would find some level of comfort. I wasn't wrong; shopping, fine dining, concert-going (Daughtry and 3 Doors Down, awesome!), and, generally just spending quality time with my friends, left me feeling a lot better.

In fact, the soothing balm of time spent amongst friends allowed me to maintain a calm and cool demeanor when Hugh called to include me in a parents' meeting with the school administration via conference call on Friday afternoon.

The meeting went as well as any of us had hoped, which is to say; the administration backed their coach, the parents disagreed, and, given the fact that its hard to prove favoritism even when everyone in attendance knows full well that it was most definitely at play; we all eventually had to agree to disagree.

Once that was accomplished, I pressed the school administration to provide an activity to help the now-volleyball-less seniors to remain engaged with school, and, when the principal and athletic director expressed bafflement at what in the world I was asking for; I demanded that the Homecoming Powderpuff football game and boys' volleyball game, each of which had been discontinued in past years due to injuries suffered by athletes, be reinstated for this year's Homecoming week.

Judging by the stammering on the other end of the line, my request was totally unexpected, but, the gentlemen each expressed a desire to accommodate me. They were, however, hesitant to agree to the games since they were concerned about the possibility of injury to their athletes. Their bafflement was complete when I suggested that the simple solution to that problem was to not allow the athletes to play, but, instead, to encourage non-athletes and kids who might not otherwise participate to do so.

That surprised them. And, when I say "surprised", I mean, they were shocked. It was like it never occurred to them that the kids in the school who don't chose to play sports might actually be worthy of being included in Homecoming activities, and, that? Pissed me off. Because, that attitude is partially responsible for the number of kids whom I see regularly in my program at work-kids who don't feel involved at school because they are routinely dismissed or excluded. And, I made a vow to myself then and there, a vow to get that Powderpuff game back and to see the line-up on each team consist of kids who wouldn't have been involved, otherwise.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was devoted to enjoying the final days of summer before the kids return to school. As I've mentioned, I made the most of my time in Phoenix with The Girls. In addition to enjoying a fantastic concert (Brad Arnold and Chris Daughtry covering Phil Collins' hit In the Air Tonight was worth the price of admission, alone), I also got to experience my first In and Out Burger. It was really good. Not as good as Reese would have had me believe it was going to be-I believe her exact word was "orgasmic"-but, really good.

I also purchased my first Coach purse. It was 30% off the original price with an additional 50% off that. Needless to say, it was a bargain that I could not pass up (nor could Jules pass up two purses and a wallet that were calling her name from their perch on a shelf. 80% off, people!).

We also caught an afternoon showing of We're the Millers, which was hilariously funny, and, I had the best night's sleep that I have had in quite some time. It was a great trip and it is no surprise that I came home feeling 99% less stabby.

Speaking of home, Hugh and the kids were likewise engaged in activities to make them feel less stabby: boating and party-planning. Specifically, The Teenager and her friends joined her father on the boat while the Man-Cub and his friend stayed behind for a marathon session on the Xbox.

The Man-Cub did join his sister and her friends Sunday night for the last porch party of the summer. A group of about thirty kids gathered on the front lawn to toast marshmallows, make s'mores, play basketball, and to eat popcorn and cotton candy. Hugh and I enjoyed watching the kids and, I won't lie; the cotton candy was pretty damn tasty.

And, it was a sweet way to end the summer. The Man-Cub attended orientation today and his first real day of High School starts tomorrow. The Teenager has expressed wonderment over how strange it will be to drive her brother to school every day, and, to see him in the halls on occasion.

Not gonna lie; I'm in wonderment over those things, myself.

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