Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Last First Day of School

The kids started back to school, today. Officially, I mean; the Man-Cub's orientation yesterday doesn't count because, if I call that his first day of school, I can't very well have pictures of them together and call them the First Day of School pictures, now, can I?

No, I cannot.

So, for purposes of my insanity, we shall call today the first day of school for both kids.

And, also for purposes of my insanity, we will ignore the fact that it was the LAST first day of school for The Teenager.

Let us not speak of it, again.

Anyway, both kids were as excited as they could be to get back in the classroom. Ok, maybe that was me, excited to get them both back in the routine of school. I'll own it.

They are, though, truly in the swing of things, I mean. This evening, they came home with full lists of supplies that they would be needing as well as papers for me to sign, a schedule of upcoming events and requests for money for fast food at lunch.

And I missed this, why?

Anyway, things are good. The Teenager was appointed editor of the school yearbook which slightly takes the sting out of being cut from the volleyball team, and, the Man-Cub met a new girl who is, according to him, super hot, which, slightly takes the sting out of the fact that his little girlfriend dumped him for his friend over the summer.

My kids bounce back, is what I'm thinking.

They must get that from me.

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