Friday, May 02, 2014

Put Another Leaf in the Table

Tomorrow is prom. The Teenager has invited several couples to the house for dinner prior to the dance, as has become our tradition, and I can't wait to host those kids. Because we will have four couples, I need to install an additional leaf in our dining room table, and, it's chores like this that make me happy to have a handy husband and/or a handy son, because, I can't figure out how to extend our table to save my life. In my defense, the table is super-well constructed, with extra leaves that store inside it, and, we don't extend it that often, so, it's not like I get a lot of experience in inserting the leaves. Anyway, all of this is a long explanation of a fairly ridiculous issue, so, moving on.

Prior to dinner tomorrow night, we are expecting roughly 24 kids for pictures on the porch. When The Teenager gave me that estimate, my mind kind of boggled; we've had large groups for pictures before, but nothing like that. I'm sure it will be fine, however.

Even more prior to dinner and pictures and prom primping, I will be traveling to Neighboring City to speak at the annual conference of my women's group. I have absolutely nothing prepared as of yet. I'm hoping that inspiration strikes sometime between right this minute and 10:00 tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I have a half day of work today followed by hour upon hour of housecleaning to do before the big festivities. I also need to shop for the steaks and other items that we will be serving tomorrow night, and, while I'm thinking about it, I need to charge my camera batteries and line up my lenses.

Oh, and there is that pesky issue of the dinning room table....

Huh. I wish I were busier so I wouldn't be so bored.

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