Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Out With the Old

Recently, I considered skipping the annual exercise of making resolutions for the New Year; I thought, what's the use? New year, same crap. But, then that bitch, the Eternal Optimist, reared her head all  "Hey, 2015 has to be better, right?" and, I figured, oh, what the hell (Please don't smite me, Lord).

So, resolutions, I haz 'em.

Before I trot them out, however, I feel a burning need to revisit my last set of resolutions, because, I don't really want to repeat them, and, because it's been like, a year; I'm not even sure I remember them. Luckily, I posted them on this blog:

Remember what is important, let go of what is not...I tried. I really, really tried.

Enjoy my children while they still live under my roof...The Teenager's graduation was swinging over my head like a guillotine blade, clearly. I did rock this one, however.

Spend my time more wisely...I actually feel like I did ok on this one. I spent time with my Dad and that is something for which I will be eternally grateful.

Offer to help people when they are in need...yeah...about that...my day job requires that I help others. I'm good at it. But, I have to admit to experiencing a massive amount of bitterness toward clients who embodied entitlement this year. I didn't let it affect my work, but I felt it, nonetheless. I'm working on it.

Live in the moment, worry less about the future...still working on this one, but, I give myself an A+ for effort.

Urge The Teenager to enjoy her first semester of college without stressing...Lord, but that child could stress out the Dalai Lama with her perfectionism. Jesus take the wheel on this one, because I am at a loss.

Take care of my physical well-being, eat, exercise, sleep...the first nine months of 2014 were the healthiest that I had lived in years. I fell off the wagon when Dad died, not going to lie. Stay tuned for new resolutions regarding this issue (wash, rinse, repeat).

Invite God into my life in a more meaningful way...I have felt God's presence in my life more this year than I could have ever imagined. Thank Him, because I really, really needed that.

Organize my home, office, and schedule...well, I can find 95% of the items that I go looking for these days, so, win?

Not to cry when The Teenager goes to college...ha,ha,ha,ha! Who was I kidding? FAIL.

See my friends as often as possible...I did well at this. I got to spend time in Phoenix with The Girls, and then again at Stampede. Tee came to Dad's funeral and I reconnected with old friends whom I hadn't talked to in years. I love my friends.

So, overall, it looks like I did ok on my goals. Gooooo, me!

I'm going to follow the same RESOLUTIONS format for 2015 and I'll be posting them tomorrow, so; if reading that kind of crap bores you, please feel free to skip out. I won't hold it against you. Oh, I would want to hear all about your resolutions, but, it's ok. You do what you gots to do.

(Note to self, Bonus 2015 Resolution: Work on being less passive aggressive)

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