Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Christmas Cookie Challenge

I'm going to tackle my holiday baking list this weekend. At last count, I was planning to bake ten different varieties of cookies, five kinds of candy, two types of quick breads and a cranberry-eggnog cheesecake.

I don't consider the baking to be all that challenging; the challenging part will come from not eating the cookies, candy, and bread. But, that is my goal for this year. I am going to avoid the frosted sugar cookies, drop sugar cookies, soft ginger cookies and other sugary treats.

And, wow, that's going to be... really tough, I mean, Christmas is the only time of year that I make pizzelles...

...ok, so, at the very least, I am going to commit to eating fewer cookies than in years past.

And, I will definitely not eat the candy.

Except for testing the flavor after each batch, you know, for quality control purposes, but, that's it.

I can totally do without the quick bread, I bet I won't even miss having a nice slab of warm banana bread with a smear of sweet butter with my coffee on a cold winter morning.

Yeah, I won't miss that at all.

Damnit, I think I am beginning to understand why New Year's resolutions happen in the new year.

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