Tuesday, December 09, 2014

We're Having a Very Pinterest Christmas

I've been on quite the crafting kick, lately. I'm not sure if the holiday season has anything to do with it or if I am just feeling a need to keep myself mindlessly busy, but, either way; I have created some kick-ass items from my ever-growing list of pins on Pinterest.

One of the most recent is an awesome star, cobbled together from nothing more than yard sticks and hot glue. Like, seriously.

Ok, and paint.

And, lights, but, that is it for materials.

I just formed a rough star shape with the yard sticks, hot glued them together at the ends, and applied a light coat of spray paint before wiring a strand of lights to it and calling it good**.

Then, I plugged it in, arranged it with the vintage light-up Santa that Barbie got me for my birthday and some fresh greenery and, voila! Instant Christmas decoration for the porch!


I love the way it turned out and it couldn't be any less expensive. It definitely lights up the porch and I love the way it frames the vintage Santa. In short, this was a Pinterest victory, which, makes up for the nine hundred and ninety-nine Pinterest failures that I have endured.

You know, somewhat.

**I keep saying I but, Hugh would have you know that he glued that star together because I am apparently incapable of creating right angles. Also, he painted it because I am a delicate flower who cannot abide spray paint underneath my fingernails. True story.

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