Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In With the New

2014 taught me a lot about what is truly important in my life. It highlighted areas in need of improvement and also personal traits of which I should be proud.

I set my goals for 2015 based on the lessons that I learned from the craptastic year that was 2014 and I am really trying to be optimistic about ushering in a new, better year. Here's hoping.

Recite my blessings, daily.

Eat clean, for the entire year.

Stay positive.

Open myself to others; time, talent, heart, and mind.

Let myself grieve.

Use things that I have, buy less, simplify.

Take accountability for my thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

Identify what makes me happiest.

Overindulge in healthy pursuits.

Never miss an opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

Speak only with kindness.

2...Trips with family and/or friends.

0...Regrets at the end of the year.

1...Big accomplishment

5...New experiences

I added the four numbered goals to the usual format because I needed to throw in something new; I'm a rebel like that.

Tonight, we are planning our usual stay-at-home-watch-the-ball-drop get together with Jana and Co. It will be quiet and relaxing, I hope.

Tomorrow, we will hit the sledding hill for our annual assault on inner tubes and peppermint schnapps-laced hot cocoa. The weather has been frightfully cold the past few days and I am hoping that we won't all freeze to death on the slopes. That would not be a positive way to start the new year, like, at all.

In case I don't get a chance to say it later, Happy New Year! I hope you are safe and surrounded by loved ones and that you will join me in spirit as we kick this wretched year to the curb.

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