Friday, December 12, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

While I was home at Thanksgiving, I recruited Mom to help me with yet another Pinterest project, crafting an ugly sweater that I had pinned at least a year ago and that I thought would be a great contender in our office Ugly Sweater Contest at the annual employee party.

I purchased the sweater at our local Salvation Army store and then Mom and I hunted the thrift stores in Mayberry for items that would be suitable for decorating it.

Mom was the official seamstress, since I still have PTSD from that time in Home Ec. when I sewed my fingers together (true story), and she did a great job.

I wore the sweater to the office Christmas party this past Monday and, despite some stiff competition from the jokers from the corporate office, I won, handily.

How could I not? I was a tree, people! Pinterest victory, indeed. Also, if anyone needs to borrow a sweater for an Ugly Sweater contest, or, you know, just because you want to look like a Christmas tree (you never know, there may be a fetish for that; people are weird, y'all), I can totally hook you up.

You can't have my trophy though; it's a major award!**

**Extra credit if you can match the quote to the movie.

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  1. This is so interesting post!! It is just perfect sweater for the office Ugly Sweater Contest. Your mom did great work on it. From a few days I have been looking for such fun company party ideas and this one is the best. I’ll suggest this idea to our manger that is responsible for this party planning.