Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Lying Liars Who Lie

Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow this morning, and, unlike in years past, did not see his shadow. According to the experts, this means that we will have an early spring.

I've heard that bullshit from that furry rodent before.

My prediction is eight more weeks of winter, followed by a cold and muddy late spring, blending into a too-short summer.

Now, I'm going to crawl back into my burrow, where I will hibernate until the fireworks explode over the lake on the 4th of July.

Ha! I wish.

Guess I'll pull on my snow boots and head to work.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    We haven't even HAD winter yet here in the north east. Typically we get 100" of snow a season. So far we have about 24", 34" behind pace. Wondering if Phil can tell us when winter will actually begin?