Thursday, February 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Before She Was the Queen

In honor of QB's birthday earlier this week, I am flashing back to her twelth birthday.

The child had been fascinated by the Hooterville ASTRA Club flamingo flockings for years , so, that year, I purchased her a flock of her very own.

I'll never forget how excited she was to see those silly plastic birds magically appear on our lawn, virtually overnight; she was such a cheap date.

Later that day, we finished off her celebration with a sleepover at a local hotel. The girls got to go to a movie (I believe it was Bridge to Terabithia, which, in hindsight, wasn't perhaps the cheeriest choice for a birthday party, but, live and learn, am I right?) and to swim in the hotel pool before heading up to our suite for cake and ice cream bars.

It was a pretty easy party to plan and execute and one that QB still remembers, I'm sure. On the off-chance that she doesn't, however, I am right here to remind her. Also, the picture above features not just QB, but, Katie (far left) and Kaley (second from the right). They're so young! And they're all still friends! And, I get to embarrass ALL of them with pictures from their awkward adolescent years!

This really is the best throwback, evah!

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