Monday, February 22, 2016

The Teenager No More

When I started blogging, thirteen years ago, my daughter was affectionately known as Baby Girl. Then, simply, The Girl. And, finally, The Teenager.

Tomorrow, The Teenager turns twenty.


How can that be?

More importantly, where does that leave her moniker on this here blog?

Thankfully, she has a nickname that we use quite frequently around here, and, after getting her approval to use it; she will now be referred to as....

drum roll, please

....Queen B.

QB, for short.

She earned the nickname the day she was crowned Prom Queen, and, you can't mess with perfection, so, no need to go inventing something new.

Tonight, we took her out for an early celebration, after which she blew candles out on her birthday cupcakes (red velvet, naturally) and traveled back to her home, where, tomorrow, she will wake up one year closer to the legal drinking age.

Lord help us all.

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