Monday, February 08, 2016

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

So, I've already posted about the fall; let's talk about the pride!

This team, I swear, they get the job done.

The JV game in Aspen was a close one; the boys ultimately won 61-58. They kept it exciting throughout the entire game, and, they had fun doing it.

The Aspen crowd got a little mouthy about the officiating and a couple of parents were reprimanded, which, was sad. It was also sad that there were at least twenty Aspen fans in the crowd and yet our cheering section managed to make more noise for the boys. Our section? Five parents. Not even kidding (There were a lot more of our fans in Aspen, but we were split between two gyms, one for the JV boys, and one for the JV girls. During the varsity games, we combined to make a respectable fan section).

(I said respectable, I may have failed to mention slightly crazy)

After the game, several of our families met at a diner to share a meal before heading back to Petticoat Junction. Before we left the school, however, the Varsity coach pranked me by saying that they had called the local police to report my car being illegally parked (only technically, the no-parking zone only applied during school hours, according to the sign). He suggested that we skedaddle before the police got there. I skedaddled, for sure.

At the restaurant, when my friends told me it had been a joke, I suggested that we call the coach and tell him that, in my hurry to avoid the police, I had been caught speeding and, due to an old warrant, was being held at the local police department; could he swing the bus by and pick up the boys and their parents since I wasn't going to be released anytime soon?

It seemed funny at the time; not so much on down the road when I really did get that ticket, but, it'll be a story for the ages, I suppose.

Anyway, that was my weekend.

Oh, and there was that other game, you know, the football thing between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers? Yeah, that one.

Pride definitely went before the fall for the Panthers.

Yay, Broncos!

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