Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites: Easter Decor

I always love the process of decorating the house for Easter. Not only does it allow me to inject a punch of pastel color into my otherwise jewel-toned d├ęcor, but, it's a reminder that the winter is over, the new season has begun, and the Earth is in a state of renewal.

I love Easter for the obvious reason, as well; it is the reminder that God gave his only child for the forgiveness of our sins, and, with a potty mouth like mine, I need all the forgiveness I can get.

Unfortunately, I required a bit of that forgiveness the day that I climbed the attic ladder to gather the Easter decorations; I pinched my finger on the metal springs of the attic door hard enough to elicit a stream of profanity the likes of which have not been heard since Blackbeard ruled the Seven Seas.

But, that isn't really pertinent to this blog post.


Anyhoodle, here are a few of my favorite Easter decorations.

 I started collecting these wooden rabbits a couple of years ago; I discovered them in the seasonal aisle of my local grocery store, and, a new design has been added each year. I have no idea if they will continue the collection in upcoming years, and, according to Hugh, I have enough rabbits already, but, you know what they say about bunnies...

I found these votive holders at Target. I didn't have any candles on hand, so I used some wooden eggs that I purchased from Hobby Lobby many years ago in them instead; I think they look great. I do, however, spend a great deal of time fishing them out from underneath the dining room table, courtesy of Guinness, who thinks that they are awesome play toys.

The window in the dining room is decorated with an egg garland that I found at the five-and-dime in Pixler, as well as two resin birds that were, I believe, also from Hobby Lobby. I loved the birds on sight; because they are chubby and are wearing sweaters. Sweaters, people! That's too ridiculous not to love.

The mantel in the living room is decorated with my ceramic bunny collection and another egg garland. I started with a base of Spanish moss that looks cuter than traditional plastic Easter grass; it also doesn't seem to stray all over the house, like the plastic does.

I drew this bunny on my vintage chalkboard and, I have to admit, I am ridiculously proud of how well it turned out; an artist, I am not.

The rest of my wooden eggs are displayed in egg cups, apothecary jars, and on cake plates, scattered around the kitchen. It may be overkill, but, I like having a little bit of decoration in each room.

Except for the bathroom. I draw the line at that shit.

Damnit, there I go, again.

Thank you, Jesus.

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