Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring is for Frostbite

The boys won both games of their doubleheader yesterday. They did it in fine style, and, I would have gotten pictures of the games had I not been wrapped up, burrito-style, in three layers of coats and blankets. I swear, I don't know how those boys play without freezing. Young blood, I guess.

Not that that makes me old, although....


Anyway, I enjoyed the day with my fellow Booster Moms, and, to give the gentlemen their due, with some really fun and nice Booster Dads.

We spent the day cheering the boys, razzing the coaches (and, each other), and rating the ballpark on all the important baseball criteria:

1.  Restroom facilities: F (Porta-Potty with NO TOILET PAPER! I repeat, NO TOILET PAPER!)
2.  Music: A+ (Classics that we could all get our wiggle on to)
3.  Concession Stand: A++ (COFFEE!!!!!)
4.  Parking: B We could park close enough to the field to make trips back and forth to the car easy while still being far enough away to minimize the chances of having our windshields shattered by a pop foul.

After the game, we joined two other families for an early dinner at a Mexican restaurant that we discovered during basketball season. The food was fantastic and, they had a Mexican coffee that warmed us up from the inside, out.

All in all, it was a pleasant way to spend a bright, sunny spring day in Colorado.

Except for the wind chill and frostbite.

Good times, great friends, toilet-paperless porta-potty in the background (because, a picture of just a porta-potty would just be weird).

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