Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March to the Beat

March! March! March!

It's finally March!

March means Springtime! Springtime means we are that much closer to summer! Sure, it also means raging winds, pollens that are determined to kill me, unpredictable weather, farmer's burning their fields, which, adds fuel to my allergy fire, but!


Longer days! Sunlight! Oh, sunlight! How, I've been craving your presence!

Capri pants! Sandals! Pedicures that aren't hidden away under boots!

There is so much to be excited about this time of year; spring heralds the rebirth of the earth and the rebirth of my optimistic nature. It's the gateway to boat season, RV trips, baseball games, fireworks, fresh-picked cherries, and Porch Night.

In short, it's the life preserver tossed casually toward my mental health, and, it can never come soon enough; I am simply not a winter girl.

Except for Christmas.

But, that is beside the point. And, I digress.

It's springtime, y'all!

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