Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites: This Is My Valley

The Man-Cub was not able to make the trip to Mayberry with me today; his coach preferred that he ride the bus with the team, tomorrow. The Cub was ok with that, and, so was I, because, sometimes I enjoy being able to belt out my tunes with no teenagers to roll their eyes in obvious jealousy of my superior vocal ability.

Because that's got to be what all that eyerolling is about.

Anyhoodle, being alone also gave me the freedom to make the trip at my own pace, which, means that I got to stop to pee more frequently than usual, also without all the eyerolling.


I also stopped a few times to take pictures, which, I would probably not have taken the time to do had the Cub been with me. My heart always swells just a tad once I crest the summit of the mountain range that separates Mayberry from Petticoat Junction, and, today was no exception; the beauty of my alpine valley is staggering, and, photos really don't do it justice, but, that didn't stop me from trying. 

This weekend, the annual Crane Festival is happening. The geese above will have to share their wetland with the larger birds for a few days, and, if I'm lucky, I will spot a few to photograph before I head back home on Sunday.

Fingers crossed.

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