Saturday, March 05, 2016

Springtime at the Pea

The spring edition of Pickin' at the Pea was almost as good as the autumn version. Almost.

I didn't find the windows I was hoping to find, and I didn't get to savor the delicious donuts made by the sweet Mennonite ladies (Lent...three more weeks!), but; I did discover a couple of unexpected treasures, so, all was not lost.

And, I was in good company.

The sale was really well attended; we actually had to park a good distance farther away than we did in the fall, and, the crowds made for a tough time navigating the narrow aisles between vendor booths in the community center and old store building that house the event, so, after a quick trip through them, Kortni and I concentrated on the vendors outside and waited for the indoor crowds to thin.

Once we got inside, I found the two items that I would eventually purchase: an old frame that was re-purposed as a picture holder and an antique camera to add to my collection. With those purchases out of the way, I was free to do what I enjoy most: wander aimlessly while taking pictures of cool things that I have neither the room for, nor the desire to own. I'm weird like that.

Once we were convinced that there was nothing we had missed, Kortni and I said our goodbyes and I came home to display my finds. The Baby Brownie camera is twee and precious and I've never seen one before, so, that was a win, all the way around.

It fits in nicely with my other antique and vintage cameras and I absolutely love it. The fact that it was dirt cheap doesn't hurt.

The old picture frame was also dirt cheap, which is why I pulled the trigger on purchasing it. Could I have easily made something similar on my own? As Kortni would say, absotootly. But, why bother when one was practically given to me?

I can't wait to get it hung up in my scrapbooking room. It's going to look awesome.

Apparently, the ladies who host the Pea sale are looking at adding a summer show to their schedule. I don't suppose I have to tell you that I will be there with bells on. Because, I will be.

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