Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday Favorites: In No Particular Order

Favorite Number One: Today is Friday, and, I love me some Friday, people! Friday means half a day at Day Job and, with the hiatus between basketball and baseball, this week it means no plans to leave the house. Instead, I am going to pour a glass of wine, run a tub, pop my iPod on the speaker and relax into a calm, totally Zen state.

Favorite Number Two: As I mentioned in my last post, it's finally March. However, when extoling the month's many virtues, I failed to mention that March is Girl Scout cookie month. Thin Mints! And, yes, while it's still Lent and I am not actually eating the delicious minty, chocolate-coated disks of awesome; I have purchased my usual six boxes, which, are in the freezer, happily awaiting a date with my mouth.

Favorite Number Three: Iced coffee. Specifically, Starbuck iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte. I've tried a lot of different flavors and I always go back to my first love. The Man-Cub and Queen B both think it's gross; I guess it's an acquired taste. Also? More for me.

Favorite Number Four: More baseball bling. This baseball cap was gifted to me by the Booster Club President Extraordinaire; I love it and cannot wait to start wearing it (first game is next Saturday in Mayberry!). The only sad part of the story is that BCPE won't be joining me at games, wearing a matching cap; her son decided to put his time toward livestock judging with FFA rather than play baseball this year. Insert sad faced emoji, here.

Favorite Number Five: Highlights! I went to the salon this week and got my hair did. Last year's highlights had grown out and it was time for a refresher before summer. They turned out great.

Favorite Number Six: Pickin' at the Pea! Kortni and I are headed out to our favorite bi-annual flea market tomorrow morning. I am hoping to find one or two small windows to turn into picture frames for my scrapbooking room. I need a few to go along with the large door that I turned into a frame when we redecorated the room back in November.

The Pea is a great place to find treasures, so who knows what else I'll find? The excitement of the hunt is another favorite. Insert happy faced emoji, here.

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