Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites: Random, Like, Whoa! Edition

The nest on my porch continues to delight me. Today, I watched (what I am assuming is) the baby daddy (whom I have now named Atticus Finch) bring Harper Lee her lunch; I couldn't tell what it was, but Harper Lee seemed to enjoy it. I hope the eggs don't hatch while we are away this weekend; I would hate to miss the birth(s).

Speaking of birds, the hummers are back for the season. I set out my feeders a couple of weeks ago, and they are finally starting to see some action. I'm thinking about adding a third feeder, but, that would put me dangerously close to Crazy Bird Lady territory, so, I will probably refrain.

On a completely different topic (see above title: random), QB texted yesterday to let me know that she had sailed through her finals and is going to end the semester with great grades. I am so proud of that kid. It's also nice to see her this happy and relaxed, she didn't have that going for her last year.

The weather has been beautiful the past two days, sunny with not a drop of rain. The rains of the past month-and-a-half did, however, do wonders for the apple trees and lilac bushes; I haven't seen so many blooms in years. Plus, this means that the local fruit will be both plentiful and cheap this summer. Win-win.

Also, while I love, love, love lilacs, they tend to not play nice with my allergies. This year, with the way the trees are blooming, I would have expected to be a headachey, sniffling, sneezing, gummy-eyed mess. But! I discovered Flonase this year and I haven't had a single problem. It's been life-altering. Ok, not really, but, it is nice to be able to walk past a lilac bush without losing the ability to breathe.

Flonase for the win.

Another product that I am loving right now is the dry shampoo by Bed Head.

Since I started coloring my hair, it has become less than ideal to wash my hair every day (the salon trips are too expensive to just wash the dye away), so, I am going at least a day between shampoos, if not two days. When I go two days, I still need a little something to freshen my roots and this stuff works great. I also like a dry shampoo in the Not Your Mother's brand line.

As I mentioned last week, I purchased a set of Alex and Ani birthstone bangles for myself for Mother's Day. I love the Alex and Ani line and am looking forward to adding to my collection as special occasions arise.

And, that's about it for Friday Favorites. I am waiting for Hugh to get home so that we can set out for the Front Range in the old RV. Hopefully, this time next week, I'll be able to say that sleeping in the parking lot of the Hellmouth has become a favorite pastime of mine.

I'm kidding.

Sort of.

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