Monday, May 09, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend 2016: Bullet Point Style

  • The boys split the final two regular season games, winning the first 17-10 and losing the second 3-7. The games took much longer than anticipated due to a hail delay, which, I believe, affected the boys' mojo (they had been ahead in the second game prior to the delay).

  • The weather was completely wack during the game. In addition to the hail, we had periods of rain, wind, sunshine, and cloud cover. It was often chilly, with brief moments of warmth. I watched the games from the car for the most part, braving the elements just long enough to snap a few pictures and to deliver sandwiches when needed.
  • The boys were pretty bummed by the loss, they even refused cupcakes. That's right; they turned down mini chocolate cakes smothered in buttercream frosting. So, I stuck them in the freezer (the cupcakes, not the boys); maybe they will have an opportunity to eat them next weekend, as there is still a chance that they will get a seed in the district tournament (we will know Wednesday).

  • After the games, Hugh, the Man-Cub, and I went to see the new Avenger's movie. It was really good. Afterwards, we went to a late dinner at Denny's before returning home for bed. It was a long and eventful day.

  • Sunday morning, I got up and sent messages to all my favorite mothers, including my own, who was in Oklahoma for the college graduation of my niece, the Rodeo Princess. Then, I went to the hardware store to catch up on my paperwork before heading back home, where I was met by QB, who had made the trip from Neighboring City to spend Mother's Day with me.

  • QB, the Man-Cub, and I went shopping for clothes for a wedding that we will be attending in June, then we met Hugh, Oscar, and Emily at a nice restaurant for dinner. It was a nice way to spend the day.

  • My Mother's Day gift from Hugh and the kids was a super-awesome stand-up paddle board, which I can hardly wait to try out. I've been wanting one for forever, so it was a nice non-surprise (I picked it out with Hugh a couple of weeks ago while we were in the sporting goods section of the Hellmouth, looking for something totally unrelated).

  • The Man-Cub's gift to me was manual labor, in the form of clearing the weeds from my garden so that Hugh can roto-till it for planting next weekend (weather and baseball permitting, of course). He was surprised to find lettuce in the garden during his weeding, but, I had noticed it earlier in the week. I even pulled some for salads. This gives me higher hopes for this year's garden than last year's, for sure.

  • My gift to myself this Mother's Day was a set of Alex and Ani birthstone bangles; sapphire for the Man-Cub, amethyst for QB, and a dragonfly charm to represent the circle of life. I love them.

  • And, that's about it for our weekend. Today, I am getting a later start at Dayjob, thanks to the extra hours that I banked with last week's trip to Denver. The weather is completely foul again today, but, it is supposed to clear up and be gorgeous by midweek. Fingers crossed.

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