Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yeah, Still Nervous About the Heat

So, momma bird, whom I have officially christened Harper Lee, seems to have no problem with the bulb positioned directly underneath her nest; she settled in before the lights came on...

...and seemed pretty darn comfy when they did.

So, I'm going to give Harper Lee the benefit of the doubt and trust that the warmth from the bulb won't slowly cook her offspring to death before they can even be born.

I'm sure she appreciates my faith in her.

In news unrelated to Harper Lee, today we received news that the boys did, in fact, earn a seed in the upcoming District tournament. This means that we will be traveling to the Front Range this weekend to cheer the boys on. Hugh has convinced me to make the trip in the RV. I agreed to the idea on the condition that we overnight in a Walmart parking lot; just to be able to say that, once upon a time, we went full-on redneck.

I'm not sure he thinks I'm serious, but, I am.

Oh, yes. I am.

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