Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Today I Am Going to Talk About Boobs and Birds. As One Does

I had my annual mammogram today, and, I have to say; I was a little bit miffed when the radiologist failed to recognize me. I mean, I'm there every year, how could she forget me? And, ok, she probably does at least eight mammograms a day, possibly more, but, still, I recognized her.


Next year, I am going to put a temporary tattoo of something that won't be easily forgotten right across my boobs. I'm leaning toward Hilary on the left and The Donald on the right. Let's see her try to get that image out of her mind. Bet she remembers me in 2018.

Now, about those birds...

Harper Lee might want to step it up with the regurgitated worms; her babies are crying. Also, those are faces that only a mother could love. I hope they grow out of their awkward adolescence and into beautiful young birds, because right now, ewww.

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