Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm Gonna Need Some Time to Recover From My Weekend

No, not like THAT. I didn't tie one on or anything, I just busted up my old body by spending twelve hours ripping bindweed from my flowerbeds. It was exhausting and demoralizing; at one point, as I gazed over what I had accomplished and then focused on how much more I had to do, I seriously wanted to cry. I felt like Sisyphus, pushing that boulder up the mountain, just to have it roll right back down, again.

But! I got it done, and, after a nice hot soak in a bath filled with Epsom salts, I am almost able to move today without experiencing labor-induced Tourette's Syndrome. Almost.

Other than tearing weeds from the soil, I had a decent weekend. The weather was nice enough to enjoy being outside, and, Friday night, after I finished photographing the 8th Grade continuation kiddos, I went to Jana's to join Hugh and the kids at a bonfire celebrating Darren's birthday. It was a nice relaxing way to end the day, and, I got to catch up with Jana Bobana and with Carmen, whom I haven't really seen since we all went to the lake for Labor Day. Kaley is also home from college, so we got to see her as well, and my kids were together, which is always a plus.

Saturday, I got up early to get a jump-start on the chores that I needed to do before tackling the flowerbeds, including printing some of the pictures from Continuation. They turned out great, and, I am now a couple hundred dollars closer to my savings goal.

Then, as I said earlier, I spent the rest of the weekend on my knees in the dirt. Today, I am drinking my morning coffee while gazing across the porch at those flowerbeds, and, the pain was totally worth the end result.

You know, until the weeds grow back.

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