Sunday, May 15, 2016

So, This Happened

Hugh and I spent the night in a Walmart parking lot in our RV. I can now scratch that item off my Redneck Bucket List, because, it's never happening again. I mean, is it great that it's free and available to people who might find themselves with nowhere else to park their giant home on wheels when they are making a long trip? Absolutely. Is it comfortable? No. Quiet? Hell, no. Is there a possibility that you may wake up surrounded by migrant workers who use the parking lot to meet in at dark 0'thirty in the morning? Apparently, so.

Anyhoodle. Been there, done that, would have bought the t-shirt, if it existed.

Anyway, the overnight was not the highlight of the trip. That would be a toss-up between dinner and a movie prior to retiring for the night (Outback Steakhouse and Mother's Day, the movie, in a theater that featured the most amazing reclining seats), the baseball game the following day, and, the beauty of the ride home. I can't pick between them, so I'll just be grateful that we had the opportunities to experience all three.

The game, while the boys lost, was still a good one. And, now that baseball season is officially over, these kids can relax a bit. Or, you know, start spending every waking minute either in the gym, lifting weights and conditioning for football season, or, attending one of the numerous basketball, football, and baseball camps that they are planning on this summer.

I wish I had half their energy.

Although, if this picture is any indication, even the most energetic kid eventually needs to recharge.

He missed a hell of a picturesque ride home, though.

And, that was the majority of our weekend. Today, I am doing laundry, catching up on the deposits at the store, and, oh, yeah...planting a garden.


I caved.

Please say a little prayer that this year's garden actually grows; I don't think my spirit could take another gardening failure.

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