Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I Just Had the BEST Hair Day

No doubt, due to the fact that I have an appointment scheduled with the stylist tomorrow, at which I was seriously contemplating committment to an extreme haircut; this is how the universe works, you see.

In unrelated news, I survived both days of my training and returned to my office today; several co-workers inquired as to how I enjoyed the training to which I responded "The kool-aid tasted the same as it always does". Perhaps you can relate.

On another topic, I forgot to mention that I finally saw my massage therapist last Friday. She took one look (feel?) at me and berated me for not having called her sooner. I reminded her that she was in Hawaii, and wouldn't have been able to see me, anyway, and, she was only slightly less annoyed with me. This is why I love her.

I also love the fact that she got me on the road to recovery; my arm and shoulder are 100% better since she ministered to me. She also identified exactly what I was doing wrong, that led to my rib slipping out, that led to three weeks of agony: I was curving my shoulders inward and hunching my back for extended periods of time. Her theory is that I carry my stress in my chest, which, indicates to her that I am protecting my heart, for some reason. She's quite the philosopher. Anyhoodle, I am making a conscience effort to pull my shoulders back and to relax my chestal area, which, she also said may be difficult for me to do until I build up my core strength, because, and I quote: "Big boobs on a small frame realllly require a strong core to keep things in line".

Well, shit.

Looks like I have another goal to discuss with the personal trainer at my consultation on Friday. Clearly, I am just a hot mess.

But! I have GREAT hair. You know, today.

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