Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today marks the end of my first 4-day workweek but, while the week was abbreviated, the stress was doubled, so, I totally need this free day!

And, how am I going to spend it? Helping Mama Jill throw a graduation bash for Kenzie, of course! The party is scheduled for later this evening, and we've got lots of balloons to blow up, popcorn to pop, a red carpet to roll out, and about a zillion other small details to see to before the first guest arrives, so, this post will be brief.

Obviously, Favorite Thing #1 is the fact that I am not rushing off to Day Job right now, but, enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee, instead.

#2: Last night, Hugh picked up the lumber that will eventually (hopefully, sooner, rather than later) become our new backyard pergola. It's going to go where our fire pit currently sits, and, he's also planning to convert the fire pit to gas, which will be awesome; I'm looking forward to spending summer evenings out there.

#3: Speaking of summer, we recently had the storefront windows painted by a local artist. She did an amazing job of capturing the small-town feel of a summer day; she even did a shout-out to my bike, Lulu, which I thought was awesome.

And, that's it for today. Tune in tomorrow, when I regale you with about a million pictures of Kenzie's party! It's sure to be my favorite part of the day.

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