Monday, June 25, 2018

And, That's a Wrap

I wrapped up what I have coined my "Jana-full Weekend" yesterday with a dinner of chicken and black bean tacos and a viewing of Jurassic World. Jana and Chris were kind enough to join us for dinner and the movie and we joked that we saw each other more this weekend than in all of the past six months, combined. Sadly, that statement is true, but, we also agreed not to go another long period of time without hanging out together again.

Friends are good for the soul.

Before we met Jana and Co. for dinner, however, we spent the better part of the day at the Man-Cub's baseball game. Hugh was called in to sub behind the plate when it became obvious that there was no other umpire assigned to the game. Hugh didn't mind; he welcomed the chance to make up for missing the games that he was supposed to officiate for the Cub's team last weekend, when the rain washed us out.

For my part, I enjoyed the game from under the shade of a large umbrella while snacking on fresh cherries and visiting with the wife of one of the Cub's teammates. It was a very nice day, and, considering how my weekend started off, not a bad way at all to wrap it up.

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