Monday, June 04, 2018

Go Away, Monday; I'm Not Ready For You

Why, why, why does Monday have to come along and ruin a perfectly good weekend? I mean; I was having a wonderful time, and, now, it's over.

Le sigh.

Oh well, I'll always have the memories, right? Right. And, what nice memories they are!

Friday morning, I puttered around the house, visiting with Mom, who had arrived on Thursday. I pulled the bindweed out of my largest flower bed (not my favorite memory, I must say), and cut a few of the peonies that were in bloom; they are gorgeous this year.

After I got cleaned up, I went to Hooterville for a 90 minute deep tissue massage (my second this month, and, worth every penny) and then met Mom for pedicures.

Dinner was a large bowl of Mediterranean tortellini pasta salad and fresh baked bread, with a glass of sauvignon blanc. It was a pretty relaxed day, which, made getting up early Saturday morning a lot less painful.

And, why did we get up early? To make the drive to Neighboring City for my nephew's baseball games! I hadn't seen Barbie since Christmas, so it was nice to get to spend some time with her, and, we all know how I love me some baseball.

Queen B joined us, and, we spent the day in the sun, cheering on the team.

Unfortunately, the team lost, but, it was still a nice way to spend the day. After the games, we dropped my nephew off at their hotel so that he could cool off in the pool with his teammates while we visited the winery that Queen B is doing her internship with.

We tasted a variety of samples in the tasting room before retiring to the courtyard with a glass of our new favorite wines and a charcuterie board that featured a variety of cheeses (the mild goat cheese was my favorite), crackers, freshly baked baguette, olives, grapes, and a trio of meats that included prosciutto, capocollo, and soppressata. It was amazing.

The day was beautiful, too, which made for the perfect weather, in an ideal location, with the nicest company (Barbie's best friend from college had made the trip down with her, we love Dawn, and it is always nice to see her).

Of course, I'm planning to return to the winery at least once more this summer; the Booster Moms need a charcuterie board, too.

On Sunday, I slept in for a bit before joining Mom and the Man-Cub for our traditional breakfast at Denny's (Mom and Dad started the tradition years ago, treating the kids to chocolate shakes and pancakes every Sunday of their visits).

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Cub's game, where the weather did a total 180, bringing wind, cooler temperatures, and rain to the valley. We desperately need the rain, so, no complaints, here.

After the game, it was back to the house for dinner and a movie before I crawled into bed to end the day. It was, as I said, the perfect way to spend a summer weekend. If you can't be on the lake, anyway.

Which, brings us to today...oh, Monday, I hate to be a bitch, but, you are my least favorite day of the week.

On the bright side, only four days to go before my next summer weekend.

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