Sunday, June 17, 2018

Games Called On Account of Rain

The kids came home yesterday, which means that I had them both sleeping under my roof for the first time since Christmas. They were here for a double-header that the Cub's team was supposed to play today, but, we have since learned that the games have been cancelled due to the downpour of rain that we got overnight.

Hugh had been scheduled to umpire at the games and had been looking forward to it, and, Queen B has had yet to watch her brother play this summer and was also looking forward to it, so, there is a bit of disappointment all around.

On the bright side, we desperately, desperately needed the rain, I still have both my children under my roof, it's Father's Day, and, we are going to host a BBQ this afternoon, come rain or shine, so, lemonade out of lemons and all that.

Plus, the rain is good for my garden, it will provide a bit of relief for the men and women fighting fires in our area, and, you can't beat the smell of rain on a summer morning.

The smell of wet dog, I could do without (Boomer, I'm looking at you), but, we can't have everything.

I miss having my kids in my kitchen...even when they are being little assholes.

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