Saturday, June 09, 2018

With Silver Bells and Cockelshells

The zen garden is coming along nicely, whether that's due to the relaxed (read: negligent) attitude that I have adopted in regard to its' maintenance or to sheer luck is debatable. Either way, it looks as though I will have some type of harvest later in the season.

The only disappointment I feel is in the lack of flower seeds that germinated; I count only four zinnias and no larkspur, foxglove, delphinium, or poppies. I assume the seed was either old or that I planted too deep, watered too heavily, or that ants marched away with snacks for a rave at the colony. It could be a combination of all four. Who knows?

Anyhoodle, since my dreams of a cutting flower garden are kaput, I went ahead and picked up some plants on clearance at the Hellmouth. I'm trying sweet potatoes for the first time, and, hopefully they will produce; I love sweet potatoes.

I also planted a yellow zucchini and, despite my vow to never plant squash again, I added a few butternuts to the mix (making sure to liberally douse them in organic insecticidal soap; I will prevent squash bugs if it kills me! And yes, I realize that that's not a very zen attitude).

Based on the flowering, it looks as though the tomatillo plant is going to produce, meaning I will get the opportunity to make salsa verde, which I also love, and, which will make the three hours that I spent weeding yesterday totally worth the soreness and stiffness that I am dealing with today.

The tomato plants are coming along as well, but, it will be a while before I see any produce, at which point I will have to see if Boomer Dog is as big a fan of the fruit as Rowdie was. Doubtful, but, he does keep me company in the garden, and, he gets extra treats for that.

How you doin'?

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