Sunday, March 01, 2020

A New Month and Another Care Package

February is officially over! We have crested Shit Hill and are on the downward slide toward Not So Shitty Valley! I hope.

I used Leap Day as a springboard to Easter, decorating the house and putting together another care package for the Man-Cub. Which, it occurs to me; I never posted pictures from his February care package, huh. I suck. But, rest assured, I don't suck bad enough to have skipped sending him a package...I just forgot to document it.

Anyhoodle, last week, the Cub called and it quickly became evident that he was a wee bit stressed over taking midterm exams in a couple of his classes. I was tipped off when he casually requested that I include some markers in his next package, because he thought it would make him feel better to create some art. Each of my kids handle stress in their own way, but, art tends to be a common theme between them; Queen B paints and the Cub doodles. They come by it naturally; I take pictures and I write. To each his own, and, thank goodness for the distraction.

So, this month's care package includes some fun art supplies as well as some goodies and, a little bit of cash. I know the Cub will appreciate all of it.

In the Box:

-Club Crackers
-Easy Cheez Spray Cheese
-Fudge Covered Mint Oreos
-Girl Scouts Thin Mints
-Beef Jerkey
-Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds
-Gummi Bears
-Bob Ross Coloring Book
-Colored Pencils
-Avengers Coloring Sheets
-Shark Cable Protectors
-Light-up Shoelaces (For St. Paddy's Day!)
-Money Shamrock

The box got the usual decorative touch, with sparkly shamrocks and green tissue paper and I called it good. It will go out in tomorrow's mail, which means that the Cub will be noshing on Thin Mints by midweek, and, hopefully, coloring away his stress, which, considering it is his Spring Break, his midterms are behind him, and he lives in Hawaii, should be fairly easy to accomplish.

***Edited to add the Cub's reaction to the package, as expressed on Snapchat...

Mission accomplished!

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