Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Isolation Album

One of the surprising gifts of the Covid-19 lockdown has been time; time to remember who I am at my core. Time to remind myself of what's important. Time to reconnect with the things that make me happy. Prior to last weekend, I had not picked up my camera in months; I was so focused on New Job, I couldn't imagine making the time to shoot. That's the longest that I have gone without expressing myself via photography in decades, and, it hollowed me out in a way that I did not know was possible.

Last weekend, I took a drive, stopping to photograph whatever took my fancy. Yesterday, the Man-Cub and I did the same thing. Since we were photographing deserted places and abandoned items, we were keeping with the spirit of isolation, if not completely obeying the stay at home orders (we also had to grab groceries, so, we were doing an essential task, regardless).

I feel better for having created something that I consider beautiful, and, that's a good lesson for me to take from this is. Time is precious; use it accordingly.

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