Tuesday, March 03, 2020

One Month In

I started my new job exactly one month ago, today, and; today was the first day that I didn't want to cry. Ordinarily, I would not admit that out loud, but, under the circumstances, I feel like it needs to be said for purposes of documentation, if nothing else.

You may recall that, on my second day of employment, I was ambushed by a number of frustrated community partners. Today, I had a meeting with those same folks, and, this time, I was prepared. I rocked that meeting like a boss. Which, I probably shouldn't even say out loud, lest the universe smite me for my hubris (which, it totally will tomorrow, when I meet with a different, yet equally frustrated, group of community partners).

I would dearly love to say that I am finally grasping all of the intricacies of New Job, but that would be a massive overstatement of my abilities. What I can say is; I continue to ask questions and to seek assistance. My mantra has become Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better, thank you Maya Angelou.

On the positive side, I am now eligible for insurance, which, means I can now see about getting my thyroid tested, and, perhaps a handle on my hormones, which, will go a long way in helping me to have more cry-free days.


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