Saturday, March 21, 2020

Foraging in the Apocalypse

I need to make a run to the market later today, but, before I go, I figured I should take stock of what we already have on hand. For the most part, we are well-situated to withstand a semi-prolonged quarantine. We are fortunate to have a fully stocked freezer (two of them, actually), and I am grateful for that, even though it may require chipping ancient meat from layers of permafrost.

We also have well-stocked cupboards, as well as a pantry closet that could, truth be told, use a winnowing down of (let's just say, there was no panic on my part when I heard that the pasta shelves at the grocery stores were bare. My friends needn't fret, either; I have enough to share).

So, we will weather this storm with a minimum of complaint. I did, however, come across a few items that I would most definitely have to be in dire straights to consume (like, full-on starvation mode)..., if anyone out there wants to trade some fresh produce for a tin of nasty-ass fish soaked in its' own nasty-ass juices, I am totally ready to make a deal.

Hit me up.

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