Monday, March 30, 2020

Thank God I Am (Relatively) Low Maintenance

I'm slowly developing a skunk streak down the center of my head, y'all. This comes as no great surprise, given the fact that I have routinely required a root touch up every four weeks for the past decade or so. So, while not surprising, it sure as shit is annoying.

My plan for dealing with The Stripe of Indignity is to utilize a can of temporary spray-on color for as long as humanly possible before giving up the ghost and embracing my inner old lady, which, I anticipate happening....never.

Sooooo, the makers of spray paint for hair are about to become quite wealthy.

Other than my hair, I really do consider myself to be low maintenance; I don't dip my fingernails, I can paint my own toes, do my own facials, and, I don't require the services of a dermatologist to keep away my frown lines. I'll endure the quarantine, is what I'm saying (janky roots and all).

That being said; I'll also never miss the opportunity for a good self-care plan, and, currently, that plan involves long soaks in a hot bath with a a good sprinkling of scented sea salts, a chilled glass of wine, mellow songs playing in the background, and the reflection of candlelight dancing in the bathroom mirror.

Totally takes my mind off the fact that my scalp is rapidly approaching Pepe le Pew territory.


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