Friday, March 27, 2020

First Friday Favorites of the Year. Yes, of the YEAR

How is it even possible that I have failed to post about the little things in life that make me happy? I mean, I know I've been a titch preoccupied with tales of woe about the new job, perimenopause, the state of our union, etc., but, dayyyy-um, an entire three months without mentioning the things that make life worth living? Shame on me. Shame. On. Me.

Let's remedy that sad situation, shall we?

One: As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the Man-Cub arrived safely from Hawaii. He's now installed in his room, where he will continue his Junior year online. Prior to his return, he and his friends set out on one last adventure, and, the photo he took while on that adventure takes my breath away...

...I have no idea where he got his talent. #humblebrag

Two: I am still able to work, and, my team is keeping both a stiff upper lip and a great sense of humor. We recently documented our efforts to socially distance ourselves in the office, which, is a serious endeavor that we somehow managed to accomplish with humor...

Three: Queen B has been working long hours. She has also taken the whole social distancing to heart; she stays home, doesn't congregate with groups of friends, etc. She has spent some time outdoors, however, and, while the photo below doesn't exactly scream Social Distancing, she gets a pass (fish don't carry Covid-19. I mean, right?)

Four: Later this evening, I am hosting a virtual coctail party with The Girls! we are going to "share" drinks and catch up in the only face-to-face way possible during these difficult times. I cannot wait! I'm planning to sip on my favorite merlot.

Five: I'm also going to be snacking on these dark chocolate covered pomegranate flavored treats.

As an aside, these used to be marketed as dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, but, not so much, anymore. That makes me sad; what, exactly, was I eating back when they called them seeds? Inquiring minds want to know....ok, no they don't. I don't actually care, they are just as delicious by any name.

And, that's it! I'm off to change into comfy clothes, throw my hair into a messy bun, pour some wine, and settle in for my "party"!  Hmmmm....comfy clothes, messy hair, wine, on my couch,...this may end up being the only way I ever want to party.

Just kidding; Porch Night wouldn't be the same via Zoom. Just sayin'.

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