Saturday, March 07, 2020

Signs of Spring

At last, the long winter is behind us! Unless, of course, you live in Colorado, where the snow continues to fall well into April. And May. And, sometimes June.

What's that yous say? Don't you live in Colorado? Yes, yes I do. But, I am choosing to be optimistic (also, in denial).

Last weekend, I busted out my spring/Easter decorations and I am enjoying the heck out of the brightness that they bring to my home...

...I also just discovered the first loaves of Irish soda bread at the market. Usually, I would make my own soda bread, but, with the craziness in my life this year, I doubt I'll have the time to get around to it.

Tonight, we set the clocks ahead an hour, and while most years, I would complain about the loss of an hour's sleep, this year I doubt I'll miss it, considering the fact that anxiety awakens me at 3:00 most mornings anyway. Now, 3:00 will be 4:00; that's practically sleeping in.

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