Saturday, March 28, 2020

When it's Virtually Impossible NOT to Have a Good Time

Years from now, when we look back at this crazy time in our history, certain things will stand out; the fear, the sheer magnitude of the change in personal lifestyles, the way people fell apart, and the way they came together.

I personally believe that many of us will take lessons learned from this to heart; we will spend less money on things and more time with the people we love. Families will be stronger, individuals will be stronger, our faith will be stronger.

I also think that accommodations made during quarantine will carry into normal daily life; more people will work from home, people will again respect teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers, farmers, plumbers, and the clerk at the local grocery store. We will remember that we are all in this together and that it takes all of us to keep this world spinning.

We will also continue to use technology in ways that allow us to stay connected. At least, I know The Girls and I will after last night's virtual cocktail party, because, people? It. Was. Awesome.

Zoom will never take the place of our annual get together, but, it will definitely give us a way to scratch that itch that we get for Girl Time in between trips. I actually wish we had thought about doing this ages ago.

How did it compare to being together in the same room? Well, let's see:

1. Laugh until you have to pee? Check.
2. Drink until Phoebe's eyes cross? Check
3. Have at least one of us pass out? Check (Tee).
4. Make fun of Reese's college closet antics? Check.
5. Become incredibly sad when it's time to say goodbye? Check and CHECK.

On the bright side, we've already made plans to do it again next week, and, if the comments we got from friends on Facebook are any indication; we'll have a number of additional guests. It'll be like a college reunion without the name tags or risk of sharing a life-threatening illness.

This is how we'll win the pandemic.

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