Monday, July 07, 2008

All Better

I am mostly recovered from the weekend. Of course, it is Monday which means that work was a real pisser as usual but, still; mostly recovered.

Of course, I say that now; talk to me next Monday after I spend another solid week running around like a chicken with it's head cut off; mostly recovered will be a pipe dream at that point.

My family's schedule is just about to do me in.

Hugh is working long hours as well as coaching the All-Star team. His softball season continues throughout the summer and Jana and I have come to realize that we are actually expected to attend games rather than sitting on the front porch awaiting the return of our conquering (or not) heroes.

The games are played on Thursday nights which is usually not a very busy night but, this coming Thursday appears to be cursed or something, to wit:

- I am scheduled to help at a fund-raising booth for my woman's club during the neighboring town's Thursday Night Main street event.

-The Man-Cub is scheduled for both baseball practice and to help in his Cub Scout's booth at the same event.

-Hugh is scheduled to both coach the All-Stars and play in his softball game.

-Jana and I scheduled a Porch Night and invited several new people to attend, not realizing that I was over-scheduled or that her step-daughter has a Tee Ball game that night (we are brilliant).

In short, arrrgg!!!

The rest of the week is, as I have said, no picnic, either.

The Man-Cub has All-Stars practice every night as well as a scrimmage against another team tomorrow night. He also has tutoring sessions tomorrow and Thursday afternoons and we still have to figure out a way to allow him to play in the All-Stars tournament this weekend and attend Cub Scout day camp plus, he seems to think that he should be allowed a social life with, like, sleep-overs and shit.

The Girl is also agitating for more social time with friends, the latest effort being a madcap plan to convince Kaz's parents that she should be allowed to drive three hours south to my hometown with us for the annual summer festival later this month. The jury is still out on that one but, in the meantime, I am driving the child all over hell for her sleep-overs, etc.

What about my social life? Oh, that's right, it revolves around my children! Well, thank God for that!

Perhaps I should just face the fact that my life is, well, busy.

Damn! I need more rest.

Also, I just looked at that picture up there and realized that my roots are in desperate need of attention. Hey, maybe I could schedule that for Thursday night, too!



  1. Ok, that's one effed up schedule. ;) And I didn't look at the picture and think you needed your roots done. I looked at the picture and thought you looked damned good and that I might want to haul my sorry ass to the gym. ;)

  2. I thought you looked really good too!

    Good luck being in 5 places at once. I am lucky I only have to worry about myself right now..

  3. One word - clones.