Friday, July 18, 2008

We'll Always Have Porch Night

While I realize that nothing is going to make the rest of this week go by any faster, Porch Night certainly makes the wait more bearable.

The most recent installment took place following Hugh’s softball game last night. Jana, the kids and I accompanied the men to the game and, while they lost by one run, it was an entertaining show. Hugh managed to stay injury-free while Chris pulled a hamstring and had to resort to limping around the bases, dragging one leg behind him like Igor. Another teammate took a ball right in the face and yet another tripped over his own feet while crossing first base, tumbling in a most awesome fashion.

For the record, both Chris and Hugh have arrived at the conclusion that they are getting “too old for this shit” and will hang up their cleats at the end of the season. Jana and I discussed it at length and arrived at the conclusion that, while they intend to retire, they will, in all actuality, come back with a vengeance next season following a winter of recuperation not because they are just that fabulous, athletically speaking but, because their pea-sized brains will have completely forgotten that they are, indeed “too old for this shit”.

We fully intend to reinstitute Porch Night when that happens. In the meanwhile, we have possibly another month or two in which to indulge in this pastime and we plan to take full advantage of every minute we have left. The kids start back to school on August 20th, which is, in my opinion, waaayyy too early; I remember when school didn’t start until after Labor Day and ended right before Memorial Day. Of course, back then (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), we didn’t get out of school for Martin Luther King Day or for President’s Day. Nor did we have Teacher’s In-service days or early release every Wednesday (don’t get me started on the early release bullshit let’s just say, it’s no wonder I am forking over my hard-earned cash for the Man-Cub to attend tutoring sessions this summer; he’s never in school to learn anything).

In addition to our schedules changing dramatically once school begins, the weather can only hold out for so long and, even if we have a nice autumn, Porch Night is probably best savored in the summer. With that in mind, Jana and I have decreed that every Thursday night from now until whenever, we will have Porch Night. We’ll miss next Thursday, of course, since I will be living large in Mayberry but, otherwise, every Thursday night. Then, during the long winter months, we will think back fondly on the evenings we spent boozing it up on the porch, eating way too much French bread and cheese while our children ran like hooligans throughout the neighborhood.

Good times.


  1. That does sound like good times. I wish I could hang with you on porch nights. I agree with you whole-heartedly about the school year. School actually starts here on August 4th! And the reason why? So that now the kids can have a week long Fall Break. And this is in addition to Rodeo Vacation, Spring Break, MLK, President's Day and early release every Tuesday.

    I'm the one that needs the break!

  2. Porch night sounds like all kinds of awesome. I couldn't do it here cause it would only encourage the weirdos next door to come and talk to us and shit. Oh and the family of peeping Toms across the road would be doing cartwheels on their lawn.

    Dammit. Can I invite myself round to your place?

  3. I need a porch night buddy! What a great thing you have going!