Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank God for Porch Night

Yesterday was just as hectic as predicted and I’m happy to have it over and done with. Unfortunately, today isn’t looking so relaxing and laid-back either.

I have to take the Man-Cub to Scout camp where he will swim, whittle pointy sticks, shoot bows and arrows and learn how to proficiently tie knots for approximately seven hours before I have to pick him up to race cross-country to our first game of the All-Star tournament.

With any luck at all, we will lose said game and be out of the tournament, thus allowing the Cub to attend camp again tomorrow. If, on the off-chance (and I do mean off-chance, we kind of suck for All-Stars, not that there’s anything wrong with that.) we actually win the game, he will have to skip camp tomorrow to play ball which would kind of suck. Don’t get me wrong, the kid loves baseball but; he loves tying knots and shit, too. Plus, the end-of-camp-campfire is tomorrow afternoon and I would really hate for him to miss it; we’ll see what happens tonight, I guess.

Also, have I mentioned lately how much I love this summer schedule? Love, love, love.

Thank heavens that, two weeks from this moment, I will be relaxing in my childhood home, surrounded by friends and family. I’ll have no crazy-ass schedule to keep, no house to clean, garden to weed, or work to do. Throw in a good bottle of wine and that is Nirvana, people.

And I won’t even need a porch.

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  1. I need to start a porch night, except it'll be in the back yard because idiots drive up and down the street. Porch night with drinks and noshes and fun. I could really use it. ;)