Friday, July 25, 2008

Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk

But, apparently my sister does.

So, yeah, I’ve, um, had a few. But, only a few. I am basically 98% sober and, the fact that it just took me a good five minutes to locate the % sign on the keyboard in no way shape or form indicates a higher level of intoxication. Also; I think spell-check is going to be my new best friend.

So, we went to the rodeo tonight and then on to the dance. The dance, was lame with a capital L since everyone appears to be saving their money for the bigger dance tomorrow night. Those losers don’t know what they were missing; I was wearing a shirt that made my boobs look amazing in a most Charro sort of way. Too bad for them; tomorrow night I will be wearing a more modest outfit.

So, yeah, I’m not drunk, exactly; I’m buzzzzzing. My sister is likewise buzzzzzing and she gave me the best conversation in the world about which to blog:

Barbie: You know, they would make a lot more money on the drinks if they served them with bigger straws.
Chelle: Barbie, that’s not a straw, it’s a stirrer.
Barbie: Well, no wonder!!!

She's blond, have I mentioned that before?

And, on that note, I smell bacon frying in the kitchen so it looks like the After-Dance-Breakfast ritual is about to commence. I wouldn’t want to break with tradition by missing it.

Seez ya!

*Edited to add: There is no bacon, after all. What the Fuck's up with that?

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