Friday, July 11, 2008

Conversations from the Porch

While discussing our radically different ideas of the qualities required of the 10 Sexiest Men Alive:

Jana: Harrison Ford.
Chelle: Indiana Jones? I did not see that coming.
Jana: Seriously? He’s hot.
Chelle: Seriously? He is not.
Jana: He is! Your turn.
Chelle: James Stewart.
Jana: What?! The guy from It’s a Wonderful Life? Ewww!
Chelle: Well, you have to consider his entire body of work; you can’t judge his Hotness by one movie.
Jana: You judged Harrison Ford by Indiana Jones.
Chelle: Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford’s entire body of work.
Jana: You may have a point.

Jana: Ok, here’s my list; Orlando Bloom,
Chelle: Mmm,hmm
Jana: Colin Farrell,
Chelle: Ummm…ok, I can see it. Sort of.
Jana: Russell Crowe,
Chelle: Eww, ick!
Jana: Harrison Ford,
Chelle: I think we’ve covered that but, to reiterate; ick.
Jana: Johnny Depp,
Chelle: Ok, but not when he’s playing a gay pirate.
Jana: He wasn’t gay! He was….effeminate.
Chelle: Whatever. Gay.
Jana: That guy from Nickelback,
Chelle: I have no idea, go on.
Jana: Sean Connery,
Chelle: You do like them old.
Jana: Hush! Vin Diesel,
Chelle: Eh, he’s alright.
Jana: Where are we? Nine? Umm…god! I don’t know! George Clooney.
Chelle: He is hot.
Jana: And, that one guy, from the Terminator….
Chelle: If you say Arnold Schwarzenegger, I will be forced to disavow our entire friendship.
Jana: No! The young one!
Chelle: The kid? Oh good god, that’s worse than old guys.
Jana: Noooo! The one who plays the older John Conner, in the last movie; you know who I’m talking about?
Chelle: Oh, yeah. He was on Carnivale on HBO. Eww. I might have to disavow our friendship, anyway.
Jana: Whatever!

Jana: Ok, your turn.
Chelle: Let me think for a sec.
LexiLou (Jana’s step-daughter): Ooh! Ooh! I know! I know!
Jana: Alexis! You are seven; you don’t know ten sexy men.
LexiLou: I know five.
Chelle: God help us.

Jana: Seriously, your turn. Name at least one.
Chelle: Ok, um…oh! Tom Welling.
Jana: Who?
Chelle: You know, Clark Kent from Smallville.
Jana: Seriously? Isn’t he like, young enough to be your son?
Chelle: Cold, dude. Cold.


    May I humbly submit Christian Bale and Colin Firth?

  2. Harrison Ford=seriously hot. Deal with it. ; )
    Orlando Bloom=I'd leave my husband. ;)
    There are others, but their names escape me...pretty much the guys on Battlestar Galactica. They're all pretty hot. ;)

  3. What about Matthew McCaughenhoy? (I know I spelled his name wrong)