Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's Independence Day

My father called yesterday to inquire as to the reasons behind the lack of updates on his grand-spawn and our three-day Fourth of July weekend. He’s terribly disappointed in my slackage. Gee, sorry, Dad! I was busy. Busy eating smores and sipping glasses of wine on the porch swing while watching the crazy antics of said grand-spawn and the son-in-law with whom I produced them.

I was also busy with the BBQ and with $345 worth of fireworks and with the business of keeping the slip n’ slide good and soaped up so that the grand-spawn, the son-in-law with whom I produced them and all of their friends would be able to slip without sticking to the slide, thus causing severe road-rash and much wailing of small (yet, loud and surprisingly high-pitched) voices; soaping the slip n’ slide is serious business, man!

Plus, there was all that food to eat and people to chat with and wine-did I mention the wine-to drink! And, just when you think I couldn’t have any more to do; I had to supervise the nine children produced by myself and my friends, as they jumped on the trampoline. Nine kids on a trampoline is an ambitious project to supervise, trust me.

And, we did this all for three days, straight, pretty much.

I am exhausted and the blog has suffered, yes, so; sorry, Dad.

Why don’t you look at some pictures while I rest?

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  1. Great Slip N slide pics! Hugh looks like he's having more fun then the kids ;)