Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

Better still, could it just be next Tuesday, already? I mean, Friday is great and all but, next Tuesday I will be on my way to Mayberry for a week of fun, relaxation and lazy-parenting without guilt. Friday sort of pales in comparison.

I’m also looking forward to being in Mayberry because I get to reconnect with two of my college roommates whom I don’t see often enough and we fully intend to knock the dust off our party shoes (Hear that, Phoebe? We're coming for you!). Plus, I never fail to get good pictures when I’m home for Stampede weekend and I could use them; my portfolio for the annual Fall Photo Show and Contest is looking quite slim this year.

Speaking of photo shows and next Tuesday (subjects that actually connect, people! What’s next? Cats and dogs doing the wild thing?); I have been asked to judge the photo show at the County Fair this year. I consider it an honor and, since the judging is scheduled for early Tuesday morning, I could see no reason to decline the invitation. Plus, I’ll get paid for my services; about $100 if memory serves. The last time I judged the show was three or four years ago and I remember it taking all of about thirty minutes of my time so, we’ll still be on the road for Mayberry by 9:30, arriving there around noon. Just in time for my mother to start spoiling us all and for the lazy-parenting to begin in earnest.

And, without guilt.

Speaking of my kids (ok, that segue was a bit bumpy, we were, in actuality discussing my intention to abandon all semblance of quality parenting, not the children whom I actually parent, but! The subjects are related which makes it a better segue than some I have pulled out of the crapper so; work with me, here), both The Girl and the Man-Cub are excited to get to Mayberry, as well. How excited are they? Well, as I mentioned a while back, The Girl has already packed her suitcase and, if the Man-Cub asks “how many more days until we go?” one more time; I might have to snap him in half which would really disappoint my father since it would effectively remove golf from the list of possible grandparent/grandson activities.

Also, I think having his cousin appear on the doorstep in two pieces would completely scar my nephew and I can’t have that so; rather than snapping the child in half, I may simply resort to duct-taping his mouth for the next four days or so.

And, getting back to the subject at hand, I would say they are super-excited to go.

Speaking of which, is it Tuesday yet?

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  1. Can I come? 'Cause I could use a bit of Mayberry right about now... :) Have a great trip!