Thursday, July 03, 2008

Boys and Their Toys

After dinner last night, Hugh suggested that we take a ride into town to buy some fireworks for tomorrow night. I didn’t realize that, by some, he meant $345 worth but, he did and; I don’t know why that surprised me because he does it every year but, it did.

I’m willing to overlook my husband’s need to best the neighborhood kids and their fireworks (Fireworks? You call those fireworks; a bottle rocket and some sparklers? I’ll show you fireworks!) though because, who-hoo, three-day weekend ahead!

Tonight, Jana and the kids are coming over for Porch Night, which is what we are officially calling our evenings on the porch with wine and cheese. Porch Night has become a summer staple and, anytime Jana or I are having a bad day, we call the other up and say “It’s been a Porch Night kind of day” which is code for, grab the wine and the children and meet me on the veranda, STAT!

Tomorrow, we are going to their place for a Fourth of July BBQ before coming back to our house to watch the fireworks show taking place at the park near our house. Since the park is so close and our back porch offers a perfect view of the night sky above the park, we have elected not to fight the crowds but to instead enjoy the show from the comfort of my porch rockers. The fact that the park doesn’t allow wine did not factor into our decision at all.

Ok, yes, yes it did.

Since Hugh is working a security detail at the park during the fireworks show, he won’t be joining us on the porch. However, after the park clears, we will join him there for a private showing of what he has entitled his Fireworks Spectacular and, I’m sure it will be spectacular.

It better be $345 worth of spectacular.

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  1. Wine is a factor in all decisions, at least for me!

    Enjoy your Hugh fireworks display!