Thursday, September 16, 2010

Insert Theme to “It’s a Small World After All”, Here

Since school started last month, the Man-Cub has been singing the praises of a new kid in his classes. The Cub, a couple of his old friends and this new kid apparently hit it off really well and are now thick as thieves, including playing together on the tackle football team.

Naturally, with his birthday coming up, the Cub wanted to invite New Kid to the party, which we are having at an amusement park in Neighboring City and, I had no problem with inviting New Kid but stressed the fact that I would have to meet his parents before I would feel comfortable whisking him off on an hour-long car ride, you know, like any sane parent would.

So, yesterday, at the boys’ football game, I “met” New Kid’s dad or, I guess I should say, I discovered that New Kid’s dad was a man whom I grew up with, like literally; we went to school together from Kindergarten to graduation, played together on the playground, attended Catechism classes together every Wednesday and, most recently, threw back a few drinks at our twentieth high school reunion.

I knew he and his family lived in the area and that he had kids who attended the same school district but had no idea that his son had transferred into our school. It was a pretty nice discovery even though, when I told him about the party and my need to be acquainted with the parents of our guests, he very seriously told me  that, knowing I was the parent; there would be no way in hell he would allow his son to go traipsing off with us to Neighboring City.

He was kidding, of course.

Unless he wasn’t which could only mean one thing; he’s totally afraid that I’m going to give his son a bunch of dirt on him

See? Not only does he know me but, he knows me too well.

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