Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And a Choir of Angels Sang

A generic version of my beloved Imitrex migraine medication recently became available and, today, I paid $15 for my prescription instead of $100+. That makes the specter of a looming migraine seem just the slightest bit more bearable. Not that I’m hoping for a migraine, obviously, but; the frugal old woman residing in my brain is most pleased.

Speaking of frugal old women; we have a customer who comes into the hardware store almost every day which, sounds really awesome, right? I mean, customer loyalty! Shopping the Little Guy instead of the Big Box! Yeah! Um, yeah, not so much. Yes, she always purchases some item but, without fail, she returns the next day to ask for a refund. Without. Fail.

So much so that I’m thinking of instituting a policy with her name on it; the Shirley Policy against Cash Refunds.

And, yes, I realize that she is probably lonely and comes to the store more for the conversation than for the dry goods but, frankly, we would still talk to her if she didn’t buy a thing, then; we would totally cut out the paperwork involved in refunding her cash and everyone would be happy.

Not as happy as I am about the reduced price of my wonder drugs but, happy nonetheless.

And, the angels would bust out in a happy dance as well as singing.

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